The Pellys - Hail Jake EP

  • The Pellys - <em>Hail Jake EP</em>

The Pellys - Hail Jake EP

The Pellys are a jangly surf-punk garage-pop band in the vein of Twin Peaks, Christopher Owens/Girls, The Orwells, etc. The Pellys emerged from the suburbs of Grayson, Georgia with rock in their souls and love in their hearts.

Hail Jake is their first proper release, and over the course of five sweet dream-punk songs, they make a strong case for being one of Atlanta's best new rock bands.

"...deliriously catchy garage-pop hooks" - Immersive Atlanta

Track Listing

  1. 01 Shiny Things
  2. 02 I Don't Understand
  3. 03 Hail Jake
  4. 04 Celestina
  5. 05 In The End