Coma Girls - Dressed In Stripes

  • Coma Girls - <em>Dressed In Stripes</em>

Coma Girls - Dressed In Stripes

Coma Girls' second album Dressed In Stripes find frontman Chris Spino straying from the path set from the previous record, but only slightly. While the instrumentation is still built around the core four players from the last record (Tyler Dean on drums, Rocky Culver on bass, Chandler Galloway on keys and organ, and Chris on guitar and vocals), Coma Girls have added another layer of throwback pop attitude in the form of trumpet and saxophone. Trumpet player Jordan Hunter and Saxophonist Dray Belle, featured in the video for "Jackie O", lent their talents to the record after several guest performances at live shows over the past six months starting with their surprise debut at the Bear Kids showcase last December at 529. While the songwriting does step forward a few decades from the self-titled debut released last summer, Chris Spino is still heavily influenced by the pop groups of the 50s and 60s, and that influence is still evident even if not visibly worn.

Dressed In Stripes is an indie pop by way of rock album, a modern record but wearing vintage clothes and rose-colored glasses.

Track Listing

  1. Delicate
  2. Jackie O
  3. Told You So
  4. Leaving the Church
  5. Lola
  6. Dressed In Stripes
  7. Talk About It
  8. California
  9. Howlin' Love
  10. Mexican Coke