Bear Kids' founder Justin Green releases comic book co-created with Katherine Bartlett 5 July 2017

Bear Kids' own Justin Green has created and released a comic book, and although it is not officially a part of the BKR catalog, it is now available for purchase on the web store!

Freight is an indie comic created by Justin Green of Bear Kids/Mountain Party/Pony League and Katherine Bartlett. Published by Justin and Katherine's own Stowaway Comics imprint.

Owen Walker is a space trucker that just wants to be left alone. For 13 years, he's succeeded. That's all about to change.

The first chapter in a story about a loner trucker and a girl on the run in trouble with the mob and a corrupt government agency. Set in space.

23 full-color pages. Available in print by mail-order and at select comic stores in the southeast US, as well as digitally on Comixology.

Story and letters by Justin Green
Pencils, inks, and colors by Katherine Bartlett

Additional inks and colors by Elodie Chen