Tim Kohler

Atlanta's Tim Kohler is delighted and thrilled to announce his debut solo album Thank You For Sharing, available August 10th via Bear Kids Recordings.

Written over five years during a period of tremendous personal and artistic transition, Thank You For Sharing was largely performed by Kohler himself and mainly produced and recorded with Fantasy Guys’ Mitchell Hardage, who also contributed bass to all of the album’s eight tracks. Damon Moon from Standard Electric Recorders and Eric Jennings helped engineer the record.

Blending big pop choruses, jittery electronics and elegant orchestral arrangements, Thank You For Sharing fuses elements of pop, prog and contemporary classical to create a style that is unapologetically sincere and triumphant. Some tracks are driven by fuzzy guitars, others by programmed 808s and synth pads. Kohler’s honed pop sensibility is the thread running through it all.

Thank You For Sharing finds Kohler emerging from self-imposed exile to reveal a confessional, brutally honest record detailing the darkest and most trying days of the author’s life. No stone is unturned: protagonists pass out with their shoes on, muses disappear without a trace. There are blackouts, curfews, self-absorbed ramblings, and three-minute synth solos. Thank You For Sharing finds elegance and relief in this chaos, even when the sheer claustrophobic depth of the arrangements threaten to overwhelm the listener.

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