Shampoo is a three-piece band from Atlanta that plays a misty-eyed, blissful update of c81 indie and top 40 new wave. Their new album, Terrible Heat, is as emotionally wrought and pleasure-center direct as a soap opera, and draws influence from anime theme songs, new jack swing, deep psych, and lots of Madonna. It was recorded, re-recorded, and fine-tuned throughout 2015, and will be released August 17 on Bear Kids Recordings.

Rush, Catherine, and Chandler met on the dance floors of the Atlanta pop underground some time around 2009, and finally started playing together during the winter of 2013. Their early shows and a rough, three-song demo garnered local attention and rave reviews. Tours up the east coast, and shows with TOPS, Pure Bathing Culture, and Memory Tapes followed.

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